Understanding Apache Flink: A Journey From Core Concepts To Materialized Views

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Vitor Leal


Erik Schmiegelow

4:50 pm
3:50 pm

The rise of streaming data has fundamentally shifted business paradigms. In today's fast-paced environment, processing and analyzing data in real-time isn't merely an advantage — it's a necessity. Relying on batch processing means consistently playing catch-up with outdated information. The pressing demand for real-time insights is precisely what Apache Flink addresses.

In their upcoming presentation, Vitor and Erik will explore the fundamental principles of stream processing and Apache Flink, delving into its architecture, history, state management, and fault tolerance mechanisms.

To contextualize these concepts, they will feature a live demo showcasing Apache Flink’s capability to transform a standard SQL Server view into a materialized version that continuously refreshes as the underlying data is updated in SQL Server. By also integrating tools like Debezium to keep SQL Server for CDC and Kafka for event streaming, they will highlight Flink’s capacity to seamlessly integrate into existing ecosystems through its built-in connectors.

Attendees will leave with a solid foundational understanding of Apache Flink, the power of stream processing, and practical knowledge of leveraging these technologies for improved real-time data analytics.

Vitor Leal
Vitor Leal

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