About Functional Scala

An innovative technical event on Scala, held in a hybrid model, in-person and online, with a schedule accessible to Western Europe and Eastern Americas.

All Scala. All Technical.

Excellent and innovative talks from fresh faces and seasoned professionals. A welcoming and positive atmosphere focused on bringing people together and elevating everyone.

An immersive online experience and a beautiful venue in one of the most vibrant Scala communities in the world.

500 attendees
Spacious & beautiful venue
Affordable, uplifting, & welcoming

Helping the industry succeed with Scala

Long known for its expressive power, the Scala programming language has proven adept at powering some of the largest microservice backends in the world (Twitter), and has revolutionized data processing and analytics (Spark). Yet, the vast potential of the programming language within the industry remains largely untapped.

In 2023, the focus of Functional Scala is helping the industry succeed with Scala.

Top speakers & fresh speakers
Excellence & innovation


Functional Scala was formed in 2019, and takes the place of the now defunct Scala eXchange.

The first year edition was in December 2019, and was attended by 320 people at the beautiful National Gallery in London, UK.

The event featured dozens of speakers, and a single-track with 4 bookend keynotes by renown speakers and dozens of talks.

Magic in the air

Functional Scala 2019 felt different.

The event capture a mix of experienced Scala developers, and new Scala developers; a mix of accomplished speakers, and first-time speakers.

Above all, the atmosphere was alive and energetic, as developers shared passion and innovation happening in the Scala ecosystem.

Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2023
London, UK
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