Functional Scala Conference

Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2023

A two-day conference in London featuring passionate global speakers.

Functional Scala: Language & Ecosystem

Join us if you are passionate about the success of Scala, or curious about how your business can replicate the Scala success stories of companies like Twitter, Databricks, and Disney Streaming.

You are warmly invited to attend the premier Scala conference of the year, the only event of 2023. Accessible to Western Europe and Eastern Americas.


Scala 3, innovative libraries, case studies, language topics, and the business case for the Scala programming language.

50+ speakers

Local speakers and international speakers, fresh faces, and acclaimed speakers, from across industry, education & academia.


Scala 3 – a new generation of software and developers. Learn about the emerging future at #FS2023.

Online & in-person

Held at the heart of one of the most vibrant Scala Communities – London.


Don't take our word for it

It’s nice to come to London to attend the conference in person. I’m always excited about the ZIO ecosystem, and it’s really amazing to be here and see all the people and amazing vibe around this community.

Alex Garella

I get to meet all these people I speak to on Discord the whole year. There are lots of amazing talks, it’s an amazing opportunity. I really appreciate the organizers for doing it.

Jaroslav Regec

It’s really great (...) meeting the authors of the libraries that we use, getting the information, and learning about libraries that otherwise we wouldn’t have known about.

Andreas Pauley

I've enjoyed all the talks, and I think the quality throughout the two days has been amazing.

Avinder Bahra

I had a great time at the Functional Scala. It was an amazing experience. It's like working remotely on the same project for a few years and finally having a chance to speak in person, but the project is called scala ecosystem and your team is the whole scala community. Hope to see you all soon.

Kasper Kondzielski

I had a blast at Functional Scala 2022. Good to meet so many fellow Scala developers and OSS contributors in person. A lot of feedback, ideas... I go home with renewed motivation.

Pierre Ricadat

A special emphasis on next-generation Scala

In this edition of Functional Scala, we are showcasing talks which demonstrate the proven benefits of deploying Scala, and which present the incredible progress the community is making along multiple fronts to address industry pain points around migration, stability, and tooling.

Between Scala 3 and next-generation open-source ecosystems like ZIO and TypeLevel, the Scala language and ecosystem have arrived at a new level of power and sophistication.

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The first edition sold out at 350 attendees. This year, we've added more tickets!


Boasting a large local audience, as well as a large international audience.


We bring this edition after the phenomenal success of the first four!


The final Scala conference of the year, and the 2nd largest worldwide.

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