The venue

Functional Scala 2020 takes place online in London time zone. However, if conditions permit, we have secured the Royal Geographical Society, one of London's most prestigious conference & lecture venues, located 10 minutes from Knightsbridge station overlooking Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. The magnificent Ondaatje Theatre seats 750 people, with plenty of space for generous social distancing, with affordable lodging and cafes nearby.


The first edition sold out at 350 attendees. This year, we've added more tickets!


Boasting a large local audience, as well as a large international audience.


We put this edition together after the phenomenal success of the first.


The final Scala conference of the year, and the 2nd largest worldwide.

The venue

Reaching millions of people each year through publications, research groups and lectures the Royal Geographical Society, based in the vicinity of the City and Central London, offers a stylish, flexible and convenient solution for everything from lectures to conferences and exhibitions.

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central location in london

Located 10 minutes from Knightsbridge tube station, overlooking Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, the Royal Geographical Society and the Ondaatje Theatre is London’s premier venue for lectures and conferences.

  • Over 2,500 rooms located 1-15 mins away

  • Spas and massage minutes away

  • Dozens of nearby restaurants & cafes

  • 10 minutes from Knightsbridge station

  • Located at the entry of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park

  • Beautiful, spacious, historical

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London UK
1 Kensington Gore
Dec 2-4
500 tickets
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