Solid & Flexible: The Tour Of Temporal Workflows

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Vitalii Honta


3:20 pm

Isn't “solid” the opposite of “flexible”? That's not the case for Temporal Workflows! Once ZIO met Temporal, developing invincible applications became way easier than before! Vitalii will show the power of Workflows and a variety of patterns one could use in their applications. Let's look at how the ZIO-Temporal library leverages the benefits of Scala and ZIO to make engineering life more enjoyable! This talk will be Vitalii's second intro to Temporal. 

Want to take a deep dive into the topic? It is highly recommended to check his first lecture about ZIO Temporal from Functional Scala 2022 on YouTube.

Vitalii Honta
Vitalii Honta

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Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2023
London, UK
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