Type-Safe Decoders Without Boilerplate

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Samson Kamau Muiruri


2:20 pm

In a data-driven world, developers often find themselves spending significant time encoding and decoding data, translating it from one format to another.

While they can manually decode and encode data, as well as transform it, they usually end up in a realm of heavy boilerplate.

Dynamic approaches to encoding and decoding can solve the boilerplate problem but at a loss of type safety.

In his upcoming presentation, Samson Kamau Muiruri will introduce a small Scala library named ZIO Schema. This library powers type-safe encoding and decoding for many libraries, including ZIO JDBC, ZIO ElasticSearch, ZIO DynamoDB, and more. Step-by-step, he will demonstrate how to use this library to decode query string parameters into a custom, user-defined case class.

By the end of this presentation, attendees will have a foundational understanding of ZIO Schema and will know how to utilize this library to implement any codec they envision, all while retaining type safety and without introducing boilerplate into their code base.

Samson Kamau Muiruri
Samson Kamau Muiruri

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