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Behold! The Happy Path To Captivate Your Users With Stunning CLI Apps!

4:00 pm

As developers, we often have to create command-line applications that expose APIs, workflows, or data processing functionality accessible to scripts and non-developers.

Although Array[String] can be used to create a simple command-line application, such applications lack features that users expect, such as flexible subcommands, options, arguments, validations, and documentation pages.

In this presentation, Jorge Vásquez will show you how to easily build command-line applications your users will love. Using ZIO CLI, your command-line applications will support all command-line parameters, perform both pure and impure validation, generate beautiful short and long documentation pages, and support auto-correction plus auto-completion.

Discover how you can have fun creating beautiful command-line apps that delight your users!

Jorge Vasquez
Jorge Vasquez

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1-2 Dec 2022
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