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The Great Concurrency Smackdown: ZIO versus JDK

6:00 pm

Loom has modernized Scala, Java, and other JVM languages, bringing greenthreads and their scalable benefits to applications. Despite a better scalability foundation, innovations in open source libraries, such as the JDK's concurrency primitives, have not changed.

JEP 428 is bringing more modern tools to the construction of scalable applications to simplify error handling and cancellation and improve reliability and observability.

In this presentation, you will see these new JDK tools and how the existing machinery compares to ZIO, which provides an alternate take on building scalable applications inspired by cutting-edge developments in functional programming.

You will learn structured concurrency, global application efficiency challenges, resource safety difficulty, and the importance of a principled approach to thread local state.

Along the way, you'll be entertained by short snippets of code demonstrating how the JDK and ZIO solve modern problems and decide which approach wins.

John A. De Goes
John A. De Goes

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