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Introducing Morphir's Integration with Scala

2:30 pm

Join Damian Reeves of Capital One for an overview of its contributions to the Morphir project. Morphir is a component of the FINOS ecosystem focused on sharing business logic across multiple different languages, platforms, and users.

The centerpiece of the growing Morphir ecosystem is the Morphir IR, which is concise enough to support many technologies while being expressive enough to model business logic of all kinds; from regulatory rules to financial instruments and products.

In this talk Damian Reeves, Distinguished Engineer at Capital One, will discuss how Capital One uses Morphir to reduce investment overhead for domain-specific languages. He will introduce how Capital One, the FINOS community, and Ziverge collaborated to enhance Morphir with advanced Scala support.

Damian will also discuss why leveraging the FINOS ecosystem was a compelling strategy for Capital One.

Damian Reeves
Damian Reeves

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1-2 Dec 2022
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