The Ubiquity Of Functional Programming Concepts In Latest Tech

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Afsal Thaj


4:50 pm

In his presentation, Afsal Thaj will share how his journey of learning Functional Programming in Scala has empowered him to navigate the ever-evolving paradigms and technological advancements in the industry with greater ease. The presentation will cover how other programming languages embrace Functional Programming, making it a smoother transition for FP enthusiasts when moving between languages, using Rust as a guiding example. Beyond Rust, there will be a brief detour to explore how the realm of frontend technologies, including ReactJS, subtly incorporates these FP concepts.

The exploration will further extend to understand how these concepts resonate within the context of new architectural paradigms, such as WebAssembly. At the heart of this talk are abstractions, capabilities, and constraints within type systems, which have a profound impact on the development of robust and flexible software architectures.

The takeaway from this talk is the importance of grasping and applying Functional Programming principles, even in the smallest sections of code one writes. Join Afsal on this journey to discover how these concepts permeate the ever-evolving landscape of technology!

Afsal Thaj
Afsal Thaj

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