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Armadillo - typesafe JSONRPC API

4:00 pm

Although JSONRPC is not the most popular protocol, nowadays mostly replaced by grpc, there are still places that use it, especially in the case of inter-process communication. The two most popular ones are blockchains and language server protocols.

Up until now, there was no idiomatic scala library for building API using that protocol. Kasper will present the work that they did at IOG that resulted in the creation of a new library - Armadillo, that takes a similar approach to the commonly known, and well received library for building HTTP endpoints - Tapir.

As its older brother, Armadillo allows you to describe your JSONRPC endpoints using pure values and later interpret them to your liking - be it HTTP server or openrpc documentation.

Kasper Kondzielski
Kasper Kondzielski

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