Bintou Mady Kaba


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Developing enterprise financials application with ZIO stack

5:30 pm

The talk will focus on showing the audience how the ZIO stack may be used to solve a real-world problem, such as the one Bintou faced while developing an application for managing classic payables and receivable accounts in financial accounting.

Each accounting transaction involves at least two accounts, of which one is debited (credited) and the other one credited (or debited). The total amount debited must exactly match the total amount credited.

To solve such a problem, Bintou will propose a ZIO-STM-based solution that does not rely on a database transaction.

We'll do it by using the following stack:

ZIO-SQL  for the persistence
ZIO-STM  for implementing accounting rules
ZIO-Stream  for wiring the flow
ZIO-Http for exposing the API

Bintou Mady Kaba
Bintou Mady Kaba

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